Immigration Law

Expert Legal Assistance on all immigration matters

Bank View Solicitors - making a difference in Immigration law and our clients are at the heart of what we do.

We have 35 years of expertise in Asylum, Immigration, Domestic Violence, EU & British Nationality law.

We will go above and beyond to protect the rights of our clients.

We offer free 20-minute initial consultation.

Our charges are reasonable and service standards are uncompromising.

Our expert Solicitors are always at hand to provide advice which is clear, concise and jargon-free.  We will carry out a full assessment in order to offer you the best advice .

We cover all areas of asylum, immigration and British Nationality law, which includes:

  • Visa applications for visitors, students, spouses, family members, dependants, fiancés and civil partnerships;
  • Long residence;
  • Indefinite leave to remain;
  • British citizenship;
  • Sponsorship declarations;
  • Detention;
  • Bail and temporary admission;
  • Removal and deportation;
  • Immigration / Asylum Appeals
  • EU settlement scheme
  • Asylum
  • Article 8, Human Rights cases
  • Domestic violence
  • Deprivation of British nationality
  • Complex Child Nationality
  • Slavery Human Trafficking cases
  • Complex Human Rights cases
  • Sponsorship Licences

We make a difference to vulnerable groups

All of the above services are offered at a fixed fee and range from £750.00 plus VAT to £2,00.00 plus VAT for our time. Please note that this does not include the application fees which are payable in addition.  A list of the various fees can be found here

For more advice, contact us now on 01254 660000 or simply fill in the Contact Form and a member of our Immigration team will get back to you.