Auction Property


Buying a property through an auction, whether in person or online can often be daunting.  It requires careful planning and needs a legal team that can work at speed due to the strict timetable for completion.


It is important to remember that when the hammer falls, the bidder is contractually committed to the buy the property.  We always recommend that you call us BEFORE the auction as the auctioneer will usually provide you with a legal pack which will include legal documents and searches. Bank View Solicitors can review the legal pack for you and provide a report so that you can proceed with the confidence.


We always recommend that you carry out searches with the local authority.  The reports, amongst other things, will give you insight into areas such as planning permission, restrictions etc and are sometimes included with the legal pack. If you are successful in auction, you will normally be asked to pay a deposit of 10%, together with a auctioneer's fee.  Completion will normally take place 28 days after the date of the auction.


Our conveyancing Solicitors are always on hand to provide you with expert advice and guidance and will work tirelessly to ensure that you do not miss any deadlines.


For more advice or an individual quote, please contact us now on 01254 660000 or simply fill in the Contact Form and a member of our team will get back to you.


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