Road Traffic Accidents

Bank View Solicitors have decades of experience in helping victims of road traffic accidents. If you have been injured or sustained financial loss due to the negligent driving of another, then or expert team are at hand to help you seek redress every step of the way.


We will arrange for you to be medically examined and, if you have financial losses, these will be quantified by Experts we instruct.


A claim following a road traffic accident can include several items, commonly referred to as 'heads of claim'. Below are a few example of some of the common heads of claim we have been successfully recovering for many years now.


Financial Losses;

You may be able to recover monies for losses incurred as a result of the accident which can include loss of earnings, damage to property as well as many other quantifiable losses.

Treatment Costs;

Whether you have received private treatment, paid for a prescription or require future therapy, we can help you recover it all. As a general rule, if you have undergone treatment and it has affected you financially, it can be recovered in full. You should not be left out of pocket as a result of someone else's negligence.

Vehicle Damage;

We can arrange for your vehicle to be inspected by a qualified vehicle assessor. This will help establish whether your vehicle is repairable or beyond economic repair. In the case of the latter, the engineer will place a value on your vehicle based on it's age, condition and market value. Once authorised by you, we will seek to recover the full amount for your vehicle as well as the cost of the engineer's report.

Replacement Vehicle;

We fully understand the importance of clients needing to be remain mobile and therefore can, dependant on factors such as your financial circumstances and need for a vehicle, assist you in arranging a replacement vehicle on a credit hire basis. Please speak to a member of the team and make this clear from the outset as there are strict time limits that apply.

Damages for the pain and suffering;

Commonly referred to as 'compensation', this head of claim refers to the amount that we will recover on your behalf for the injuries that you have sustained following the accident.
The exact amount that you will receive is largely based on the medical evidence obtained on your behalf. A medical expert will provide a report detailing the injuries sustained and the length of time it took or will take for you to fully recover from your injuries.


We will ask you to approve the evidence collated on your behalf and, when approved, we will forward the evidence to the representatives and put forward a formal offer to settle your claim. If they do not accept the offer or fail to make a reasonable offer by return, our litigation Solicitors will issue Court proceedings to put pressure on the representatives to settle your claim.


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